Friday, August 10, 2007

We Go Home Tomorrow

The children laugh and yell and splash.
The poolside barman counts his cash.
But heavy lies the sunkissed air,
For we go home tomorrow.

Not a cloud to spoil the blue,
The mountain decorates the view.
Life, again, has proved unfair
For we go home tomorrow.

Palm trees swaying, toddlers playing,
Whitewashed walls and olive trees,
Bellies bloating, lilos floating,
Wafted on a gentle breeze.

Sunbeds filles with bodies tanning.
In the shade old ladies fanning,
But I’m consumed by deep despair,
For we go home tomorrow.

Bottled water selling quickly,
Blonde-haired Germans swimming slickly.
Next week they will all be there,
But we go home tomorrow.

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