Friday, August 10, 2007

A Body to Die For

He kicked off his flipflops and took off his shirt
Displaying his muscular torso.
The girls by the pool all became quite alert,
Like meercats on heat, only more so.

Aware af his actions, he limbered up next,
Which drew a few gasps from the women.
In togs tight and skimpy, he consciously flexed,
Preparing his body for swimmin.’

No tentative toe in the pool for this man,
No stepping down into it slowly.
He’d run and he’d dive (at least, that was the plan)
Like a brilliant, athletic young goalie.

But sadly the poolside was slippy and wet,
Which somewhat impeded his talents,
And in a split-second we’ll never forget,
This virile young man lost his balance.

His head struck the edge with a sickening thud,
His body came tumbling after.
We still might have saved him, we easily could,
But we all were spreadeagled with laughter.

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