Friday, August 10, 2007

At Guinate Tropical Park, Lanzarote

There were goldfish and eagles,
As big as most seagulls,
And peacocks that roamed through the park.
There were pretty flamingos,
And lemurs and dingoes,
And owls that reposed in the dark.

There were coloured macaws
With their prehensile claws,
And cockatoos screeching and cawing,
And parrots that ate
All the nuts on their plate,
And some ducks that were frankly quite boring.

There were budgies that chirped,
And a turkey that burped,
And a crane that watched what we were doing,
And a very big toucan
Who eats more than you can,
And turtledoves, billing and cooing.

There’s a garden of cactus
That didn’t attract us,
And some ostriches Neil found scary.
And some small yellow weavers,
That worked hard as beavers,
But, puzzlingly, not one canary.

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