Friday, August 10, 2007

The Camel Train of Timonfaya

At Timonfaya, we parked the car
To board the camel train.
It led up a volcanic spar
And then came down again.

The beasts of burden all were muzzled,
Lest they might be naughty.
They looked extremely puzzled
Though magnificent and haughty.

The girls got on the one assigned,
Unsure and apprehensive,
While we sat on the one behind,
With Neil looking pensive.

Then, with a grunt, the girls’ beast rose,
Austere and autocratic,
While ours struck a defiant pose,
And stayed there sitting static.

A few digs and a few digs more,
The leader struck the camel,
Until, with quite a surly roar,
Up rose the bolshie mammal.

And so we went on up the hill,
The girls one walking gladly,
While Neil and I were being still
Thrown up and down so madly.

For fifteen minutes we tossed and bumped,
Like Chief Inspector Clouseau,
And when it stopped we quickly jumped,
When it was safe to do so.

The Camel Train of Timonfaya
Makes countless trips a day.
It never ventures any higher
Nor wanders from the way.

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