Friday, August 10, 2007

Turtle Power

The little girl lay on the lilo and dozed,
Dreaming of ponies and dolls, one supposed.
All round the pool, the girl wafted and floated,
On top of a turtle all puffed up and bloated,
Palm tree fronds fingered the hazy blue sky,
As several disinterested clouds sidled by.

Then, all of a sudden, the turtle got burst,
People just stared at it, fearing the worst,
It shot from the pool in a vertical climb,
The girl clinging gutsily all of the time.
It swooped high and low, like a rodeo horse,
Weaving a most unpredictable course.

Eventually, when it was sixty feet high,
It ran out of steam and fell out of the sky.
Both turtle and girl fell back into the water,
Her father dived in and he pulled out his daughter.
The moral is clear, so there’s no need to harp,
Leave lilos alone if your toenails are sharp.

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