Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Parental Guidance Restaurant

You can get whate’er you want
At the Parental Guidance Restaurant.
The menu, folks, is quite extensive
And singularly inexpensive.
Mine host, a woman old and nice
Will offer up some sound advice.
Should your daughter, short and cute,
Ask that the curry be served sans fruit,
She’ll answer in a voice so sweet
That fruit is good for her to eat,
For, (speaking with a slight inflection,)
Fruit can bolster your complexion.
And when the meal is served and done
And your caffeine-bred nine-yeared son
Requests a coffee, not dessert,
She’ll stare as if profoundly hurt
And ask his age and tut aloud,
And suddenly it seems a cloud
Has settled o’er the dinner table.
As parents you will feel not able.
See what modern ways have done!
Is that the way to raise a son?
But she holds back with great forbearance,
Despite this pair of hopeless parents.

Yes the menu’s writ in size twelve font
At the Parental Guidance Restaurant.

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